Friday, November 25, 2005

Vacanze in Toscana

a Grotti, 12 km da Siena, c'è un antico accogliente podere che si chiama Guardiola dove si può abitare nella pace più assoluta circondati del verde argento degli olivi ed il verde cupo dei cipressi, intorno le crete senesi


perlatoscana said...

My husband and I took 'the wrong road' and discovered this wonderful place to stay. This castle has been in the owner's family for centuries - was built in the 10th century. The newly converted apartments are charming, comfortable queen size bed, beautiful and functional antique furniture, clean and functional bathroom and kitchen. The ceilings are very high, painted with frescos. It is on a picturesque hillside, overlooking miles and miles of Tuscan beauty. There is a small restaurant on the property, and another 5 minutes away by foot.

The owners are wonderful and helpful. The price is very reasonable. This is a great getaway place - it's no more than 20 minutes south of Siena, and it's pin-drop quiet. There are beautiful gardens outside. You can go mingle with the tourists all day, then come back to complete serenity and comfort at night.

We highly recommend Castello di Grotti.

Un Viaggiatore said...


vettori said...

sono daccordo

Anonymous said...

Moi aussi je pense - avec mes amis - qu'il faut absolument se rendre à Grotti pour jouir d'une experience hors du commun. De l'histoire, de la beauté, du calme...N'oubliez pas de jouir des Crètes en vous promenant en plein air!
un voyageur sentimental

FC said...

moi aussi come le voyageur sentimental! Grotti eté un lieu fantastic pour se repuser de la semeine du travaille!
à bien tòt!!!